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We have worked with FLM for many years and have always had good service from all the departments we have worked with. Member Services provides an outstanding service, always polite and friendly and most importantly efficient. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this committed and professional team.

Lu Roode - Managing Director

Easy Holidays Sales Deck Manager

Finding an apt word to describe the relationship I have with Frontline Leisure Management is difficult, except to say that FLM is the very epitome of professionalism, very reliable with time commitments and very consistent with meeting our expectations, above and beyond the call of duty, which transcends all boundaries.

The service I receive from FLM is beyond comprehension, with excellent service all the way from start to finish and the personal attention I receive is extraordinary. FLM and its staff are extremely organised, communicating the needs of our clients in a unique way. Their commitment in creating a win for all involved is nothing short of pure professionalism.

I look forward to us working together for many more years to come and congratulate the FLM team on its brilliant customer service and interpersonal skills. Well done team FLM!

Jason Govender - Sales Manager

Easy Holidays Member

I have been a member of the Easy Holiday Club for the past 10 (ten) years. I have received excellent service from the club and have made good use of the bonus breaks- a service that I simply LOVE. This provides us, the member, with affordable breaks without utilizing our points. I sincerely hope that this service continues indefinitely.

My dealings with EHC have always been good but my latest dealing with Prabashnie Govender has been outstanding. Her helpfulness at this late stage in the year trying to utilize my expiring points has been a breath of fresh air.

I sincerely hope that the company grows from strength to strength and that I can enjoy the relationship well into my retirement years.

Keith C Voges - Member

Easy Holidays Member

I would like to inform and notify you regarding the service that has been received to date and hopefully will continue in the same vein. The friendly staff as well as the prompt assistance in all manner of queries no matter how bizarre some have been. The staff have been excellent and the same can be said regarding the service .Information is dispensed professionally and courteously with the intention of making life less complicated as well as easy. All calls are attended to with such skill and craft that one may think the staff have been born doing this from the day they were born and from this one can gauge that they enjoy the work that they do and take a lot of pride in what they do. Returned calls are handled with the same precise expertise.

It has been a pleasure and I am sure it will continue to be so in future.

Thank you to Frontline Leisure and its awesome staff.

Another Satisfied Member

Holsboer Vacations

Glenmore Seaside Resort, a subsidiary of Nedbank Ltd, formed an alliance with Easy Holidays in the form of Easy Holidays absorbing already owned Timeshare weeks held by Glenmore Seaside Resort as well as Glenmore Seaside Resort purchasing more points from Easy Holidays to bolster our point allocation.

The concept was launched to the Nedbank staff on the 1 June 2008, with a 100% utilisation of all points purchased before the year end. Glenmore went onto buy additional points over 2 further transactions to bolster our point pool. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 we again experience 100% utilisation of all points available. Due to the economy not performing and guest not all having disposable cash, not all points were used in 2012. Our strategy has been to not purchase further bricks and mortar and by moving into this alliance with Easy Holidays we have been able to offer extensive holiday destinations to our clients.

Due to the efficient manner in which Front Line Leisure Booking Team have dealt with our portfolio in making the change from re-active selling to pro-active selling There was 100% point utilisation in 2013 & 2014 and to date 92.3% utilisation on our 2015 point portfolio. We continue to enjoy a strong working relationship with the Frontline Leisure team, who are continually ensuring they seek stock in our high demand preferences.

Glenmore Seaside Resort trade as Holsboer Vacations.

I am certainly looking forward to further dealings with Frontline Leisure.

Yours in holidays

Lyn Chivers - Head of Holsboer Vacations

La Lucia Sands Resort

Frontline has helped integrate a software programme for our check-in and check-out processes as well as upgraded and updated our website to give it a fresher and current look.

Tristan Spink - Manager

Toucan Travel

Toucan Travel Promotions, Easy Holidays and Frontline Leisure Management have a long standing working relationship. I would like to compliment them on their exceptional service and dedication.

We work closely with a few departments to ensure that clients have a happy and enjoyable holiday without any hassles.

The Member Services Department and Toucan Travel have an excellent understanding. They ensure that all client's bookings are dealt with the most efficient manner. All staff at Members Services are professional and customer care is of the utmost importance. They have in-depth product knowledge and dedication to meet all client's requirements.

Frontline Leisure Management ensures that accounts are settled timeously and the I.T department ensure that we are fully operational at all times.

Throughout the years we have learnt to appreciate the high level of service they repeatedly provide.

We wish you all the success... Many Thanks!

Venita Dusrath - Director

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